Unfortunately, veterinary training in the UK focuses largely on cats and dogs and devotes very little time to small pets. As a consequence, many vets will have little experience of caring for small pets and may approach them with the view that they are low value, children's pets. If you, like us, think that small pets are every bit as important as a cat or dog, then we strongly advise that you spend some time finding an experienced vet who appreciates these animals before you need them. Having a poorly pet is distressing enough without then finding your vet is scared of rats or advises you just to put your hamster to sleep as treating this one will cost much more than just going and buying a replacement!

Our intention is to provide a directory here of vets who are known to have a special interest in treating small pets. In the meantime, here are some tips for finding the right vet.

  • Check internet forums dedicated to your chosen species - they often have threads for people to recommend vets.
  • Use the RCVS vet finder and search for vets who say they treat 'exotic/wild' animals.
  • Look for a vet with a certificate in Zoo medicine (shown as 'CertZooMed' after their name).
  • Don't be afraid to quiz any prospective new vet on their experience with and approach to treating your type of pet.